Limited Company

Limited Company or Partnership Accounts

As part of our service we will help you fulfil your legal requirements of filing accounts at Companies House and submitting your accounts and tax computations to H M Revenue & Customs. Every year, we will:

  • prepare your accounts
  • file abbreviated accounts at Companies House
  • prepare corporation tax calculations and corporation tax return (form CT600)
  • calculate your tax liabilities
  • advise you of payment dates
  • advise you of amounts due
  • file your annual return at Companies House, submit your accounts and tax computations to H M Revenue & Customs

We will also deal with H M Revenue & Customs and Companies House on your behalf, we will:

  • check corporation tax notices
  • follow up tax repayments due (if appropriate)
  • prepare dividend vouchers and minutes of directors’ meetings

Our rates are set out below for annual company accounts including CT600 and annual returns.


Company Details£00,000 - £20,000£20,001 - £40,000£40,001 - £60,000£60,001 - £80,000
Dormant and Non-trading Accounts and CT600£125£125£125£125
Limited by shares£300£350£385£420
Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)£300£350£385£420
Limited Partnerships (LP's)£300£350£385£420
Private company limited by guarantee£300£350£385£420
Public limited company£300£350£385£420
Directors/Partner Personal Tax Return (Non-Trading)£100£125£150£175
Section 9A enquiries raised by HMRC with be an additional 40%


Company Details£00,000 - £20,000£20,001 - £40,000£40,001 - £60,000£60,001 - £80,000
Dormant and Non-trading Accounts and CT600N/AN/AN/AN/A
Limited by shares£350£400£435£470
Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)£350£400£435£470
Limited Partnerships (LP's)£350£400£435£470
Private company limited by guarantee£350£400£435£470
Public limited company£350£400£435£470
Directors/Partner Personal Tax Return (Non-Trading)N/AN/AN/AN/A
Section 9A enquiries raised by HMRC with be an additional 40%

All the above will also require annual individual self assessment tax returns being completed for every partners/director. This fee is set out for the above and will be an additional fee to the company/partnership fees above.

All fees quoted are maximum fees that we would charge you to provide this service. The less time we need to spend on each service the cheaper the fee will be. On your first year with BK Accountants you should expect to pay the above rates however we will provide you a quotation for the future year(s) once the first year has been completed.

If you require any additional services in accordance with your annual self-assessment tax returns please check below;

Additional Services

We offer on and offsite tailored services to all businesses.

We try to provide businesses with onsite services as much as possible as we believe offsite services for a business are never rewarding.

Our high quality and reliable onsite accounting and bookkeeping services eliminate the headache of hiring and firing. Plus, you have the flexibility in controlling the costs according to your budget and work flow. No hiring, no firing, no interruption, no hassle.

Our on-site services are ideal if you require someone in your office for a set amount of time per week/month or year.

We provide financial consulting and accounting services for small to medium-sized companies where the owner/operators do not have the time nor the financial resources to manage these services internally in an efficient or effective manner.

Hiring an employee to provide these services to your company can be costly, time consuming and risky too, especially when you only need a part-time worker. The risk of hiring the wrong person will not only cost you money but can also harm your business operation. The risk of hiring the right person is that it is hard to keep them, the better the person is, the quicker you will lose the person, this is because experienced staff are in high demand. It is especially true when you only need a part-timer and the person is seeking a full-time position. Staff turnover not only costs money but also interrupts your business operation.

The advantages of using our services rather than hiring an employee ;

  • You save money on training costs - no time spent on training as all our staff are fully trained.
  • You save money on administration/labour hours - with our services there are no contracts or employment paperwork to prepare, no processing of payroll or payslips, no holiday/sick report cards to complete, no inductions, no processing of SSP and most importantly, no hassle.
  • You only pay us for the hours we work - The biggest advantage of our service is the money you save by hiring us only for the days you need rather than on a set hours per week contract. Another benefit is that you do not have to worry about employee benefits because you pay directly to our company for the hours worked only.
  • Experience - Accounting and Taxation rules are complex, most accounts clerks do not know these rules completely. We have years of experience in this area and we will always be available to give you the correct advice necessary.


ServicesPer hourTravel
Bookkeeping (manual and computerised)£20.00+90p per mile from Base
Payroll Monthly£20.00+90p per mile from Base
VAT Returns£20.00+90p per mile from Base
Cash flow forecast and budgets£20.00+90p per mile from Base
Payroll Year End including P9D,P11D,P60 and filing£25.00+90p per mile from Base
Management Accounts£25.00+90p per mile from Base
Performance/costing reports£25.00+90p per mile from Base
Bookkeeping training£25.00+90p per mile from Base
Cost cutting exercises£25.00+90p per mile from Base
Implementation of All Accounting Procedures£25.00+90p per mile from Base
Sage Training£25.00+90p per mile from Base
Assistance with raising finance£25.00+90p per mile from Base

We generally provide the above services from £150.00 per day which is equivalent to paying an employee £30,000 (based on statutory employment benefits). This rate includes any travel and all services mentioned in the additional services.

Referral Scheme

Recommend us to your friends, family, colleagues and get rewarded.

To thank you for your loyalty, we are offering you a minimum of £25 for every client that you refer to us.

The minimum payment you will receive is £25 and depending on the client, this could be as much as £100 per referral.

There is no limit on how many referrals you can make, so earn yourself some extra spending money and keep referring!  😜

Your payment will be sent to you once your referral has paid for their first service with us.

Email, text or ring us with the details of the referral.

Please make sure your referral has confirmed they are happy for you to share their details.

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